3 Questions to Ask Yourself and Others – Motivation Monday

Bruce Breton has goals for today!

One of the strongest reasons myself and a few of my friends in business) have listed three questions/rules to apply for self motivating groups, individuals and self:

Can you do it?

? Do you have the time, the knowledge and the traing to do what you ask us to do…

Will it work?

? Do you believe that the behaviour will lead to the ultimate outcome…

Is it worth it?

? Do you believe the juice is worth the squeeze? Will the destination be worth the hassle…

If you answer yes to all (the goal and only way to succeed with this excersise, that’s the goal) three questions you feel compitient at doing worth while work. If you can create this feeling: you may determine the perception of each vantage point. Essentially driving the vehicle no matter the outcome You control the experience, because each feeling is predetermined.

Practical Application Note:

? A teacher is a trusted advisory (the possessor of knowledge). If you have the opportunity to teach in sales you will most likely earn respect. Respect will lead to trust, trust to open minded behaviour. Even looking more the part of the expert (than the prospect) puts you in position to drive. I atribute sales for a point of reference because it is a form of persuasion.


? The simpler something appears the more likely they will attempt. This works in two parts and with two outcomes. Either you become the teacher or the student, the hammer or the nail, the prey or the predator.

A Word of Wisdom:

? Challenges often create learned helplessness which is why they aren’t succeeding and in many cases are underachieving. People often feel controlled by consequences positive or negative. Both happen to be the go-to sales tactc of the traditional sales person; our focus is receive, simplify (breakdown) and utilize our IQ through EQ (intelligence and execution).