The Musician’s Basic SEO Account Creation Checklist

Below, I’ve listed my Top ___whatever the count is IDK___ Recommended Sites for any aspiring Artist or Business Professional in the Music Category/Industry/Niche’/Space; Twitter – most powerful link in social media right now. Twitter is currently the only social media platform that Google “live indexes.” A few good Tweets from strong accounts in the Music Industry will often double, triple or even quadruple your traffic. Twitter Marketing, Branding and Management; SoundCloud – if I took Spotify, Facebook, MySpace AND ReverbNation… scrambled them all together and simplified it I’d likely get reverb nation. Their to the music industry what the Drew […]

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Landing Page Psychology for the Beginner

  Try Before You Buy Generally this is going to be used when attempting to capture personal information. At the absolute least, it’s something that requires not only an “action” from the user, but the end result will be (essentially) a “giving up” of something the user has to get something in return. Most online marketers are focused on the payment first; this isn’t always the correct thinking, as most users need to be “sold” a few times before really committing to anything. Offering something as simple as a “preview” and “download button,” even the option to “sample” will often […]

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Motivational Monday – DYI path to a better tomorrow

Delray Beach, Florida - Bruce Breton

HOW TO: Motivate yourself, Motivate a group or Motivate someone else entirely: Below I have listed three questions/rules I am attempting to apply and practice for self motivating groups, individuals and self. This example is to be applied in average (uncomfortable but realistic) circumstances.   Can I do it? Do I have the time, the knowledge and the training to do what is asked of me to do… Will it work? Do I believe that the behavior will lead to the ultimate outcome…? Is it worth it? Do I believe the juice is worth the squeeze? Will the destination be […]

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Successful Ways of Advertising your first, next or last eBook!

Bruce Breton Ebook 101

 eBook Marketing 101 As Brian Carter of Moz states “Facebook Ads are mega-awareness raising, have good targeting, require very little commitment, and are unbelievably affordable.” The following properties are GREAT STARTERS to eBook marketing: Social Media (Major Brands) Ads – I know a few gentlemen that use this form of advertising not only to pay their bills but also to live more than “comfortably.” Google AdWords – There is always an “old yeller,” tried and true.  The problem here is that the bill, like age in general, gets quite expensive. On Site Popups – This is generally used in content […]

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Snapchat: Tool for ALL

Snapchat - The New Sales Marketing Tool

Social Media Marketing has become digital “word of mouth.” Top in it’s class for this year (and years to come) Marketing and Digital Business Development Tools.  Snapchat is the future of every single shred of a new generation. Many will disagree. To be perfectly clear, the great majority of SEO’s, Marketers and Social Media professions will disagree.  Unfortunately, people (whether a pro in the field or not) often fear what they don’t understand or, what they don’t think they have time to… Fortunately for myself and a select few certain that communication is the strongest skill anyone can acquire, the masses believe […]

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Business Development Training

Definition of a true Entrepreneur: A person that lives it; in the same breath I’d describe them with the ability to exibit a thicker skin while they endure all that encompasses looking like an idiot. They are commonly thought of as a bit over the top and crazy. All the while they have the faith, belief and the expectations of becoming a visionary. They truly seek opportunity and therefore it finds them. I cant describe just how much I love Business Development (ditigal mostly). Something I hadn’t quite learned was the “business side of the business” as someone once put […]

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