How to Set, Identify and Execute Goals – Motivation Method

Bruce Breton Jr.

If you want to achieve success you have to make a decision but, in two parts: 1. Write down a list all of the positive and negative components, experiences, things within and or surrounding your life. Hint: There can only be two lists one positive and one negative. Why you may (should) ask? Mainly because of our societal thinkng; things such as day and night, good or evil, and positive / negative electric currents and outcomes exsist but, in all shapes and sizes. We must first understand all aspects and the level of severity of each. What, where and who […]

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Business Morning Motivational – Time to be Great! Thoughts

I Love Marketing and Education of the Digital World

? When you’re tired, when you wanna sleep, when you’re on your last breath.. that’s when you get started..that’s where the work begins that will give you the edge you need to push another inch.. that’s the beginning of success.. decide definitively† I WANT TO AND WILL SUCCEED ? Don’t judge a man ONLY by was he does. Judge him by what he doesn’t have to do. Judge him by what he does when no one’s looking. ? The true value of a person is based solely on what they will do to help others succeed because in doing so, […]

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Dinosaurs of the Internet & Digital World

Bruce Breton | Internet Tools That Stink

We Demand Better Internet Tools The next genneration of Hungry, Up-and-Coming and Talented Internet Marketers are “chomping at the bit” for efficentcy and simplicity. Before that day comes (or as it does) I have listed a few of our most useless, dying and historic internet (marketer and user alike) tools that just ain’t cutting it! Internet Explorer – IE is like that girl (or guy) you made out with at your 9th grade homecoming dance. Everybody knows about it, you might even get made fun of occasionally for using it, but for at least the next four years until she […]

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How Does My Hosting Affect My SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

All Hands Hosting - Does Hosting Matter

How Does My Hosting Affect My SEO Part 1 State of a Site’s Hosting Environment = Site Speed = User Experience = Google Algorithm One of the most effective and widespread tools in growing a business that is based in the virtual market is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. Through the use of search engine optimization, users are given the chance to narrow down their search to sites which have related concepts to what they are looking for. Thatís how easy searching in search engines work for online browsers. However, for business purposes SEO is a significant tool. Your only […]

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