The Lost SEO Deal Email – Learn From Everything & Everyone

I didn’t get the deal, but I have been told from another acquaintance that the report was the best they had had and provided valuable information. Email is as follows: Please review the following evaluation: 1. Backlink Snapshot – Link building required: Over the phone we discussed the “lack of back-links,” and the need to create more authority (just like networking) for your site. If the site isn’t credible, it will never show up for a search term. We also talked about referring domains and back-links: they are the same but a referring domain means the “reference” (like a resume) […]

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This WILL Affect Your Online Business’s Presence – Your Future IS AT RISK

Bruce Breton can fix your Website

Here’s a tip: Navigation sells, bottom line. Meaning if I continually get lost every time I go to Disney World I’m less likely to return. It doesn’t matter how much I like Mickey. If this is news to you: better read on and catch up! Do you ever get pissed because you continue to visit what has become a place of torment and ask yourself “Why do I keep doing this to myself.” Well, news to you: Google became a verb nearly overnight because they seemingly solved (and continue to address) an age old problem. Your problem is that you […]

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Introduction To Crowdfunding Your Next Business – Starter Guide

Crowdfunding by Bruce Breton and KickStarter GoFundMe

Fund your dream and start living it now! Here’s how: Crowdfunding has become somewhat of a celebrated “overnight success” even though it has been around for quite awhile. KickStarter, GoFundMe or Indigogo… It’s all really just another form of raising money, building hype, and potentially opening career-altering-doors. Basically, a fundraiser on steroids. The question is, what makes this form of online venture capitalism even worth analyzing? The answer is simple, because almost overnight it has become the best decision of any entrepreneur or existing business with less cost upfront than a cup of coffee.  It has the power to change your […]

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Open Response to Poor Email Marketing

Each month I am going to post an open email from myself to a client. Each “read email” will have just as, if not more relevance and importance to not only Google algorithmic adjustments but, also many other forms of digital business development such as email newsletter and website conversion/call to action techniques. Basically, this post is the first of many additions to my ever present SEO tips, tactics, theories and experience. Make no mistake, this stuff will help you make more money and have greater success in many future endeavors. This site is committed to improving your online business […]

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Mobile Site, Mobile App, and More – Explained

If you have not been made aware by a marketing team, local SEO or even web development person, you should know about the Mobile Friendly Google Algorithm. Check To See Your Site? Google has openly announced it’s “roll-out” of the newest major algorithm update.  This is directly targeting mobile (or lack there of) sites and gateway pages.  This is not new news but, it’s a better article.  Gateway pages are a thing of the past but, people still use them (just like flash). They are big, clunky, and most of all are unneeded.  They were a fad that turned into […]

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Client Review Wall – Clients to Keep/Drop

Client Review Wall So often I post for the benefit of their user, rankings from UI (user experience), or to hopefully give someone some insight into our world while somewhat showcasing my talents enough to entice a call. I don’t charge for the first two calls, it’s like expecting sex on the first date. Depending on the situation, you may flirt with it but generally, a train wreck is right around the bend if you indulge, just before the cliff and after the fork in the road.

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