Social Media More Than A Novelty In 2014

Social Media IS Evolving Into More Than an Introvert’s Closest Friend About five years ago, social media was just a cool new way to connect with friends and new people on it internet, making it nothing more than a mere novelty. However, social media is more than just a teenage pick-up hub for dating and chatting in 2014 – it’s a way to increase your exposure to incredible lengths. Nothing is more irritating than working or even listening to a social media intern that assumes all they have to do is “post stuff,” because no – that’s not all it […]

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Hosting Is So Confusing – Help Here!

Choosing and Understanding Your Hosting Service Now, as someone who recently took a deep dive into the world of SEO, I have come to understand that knowing all the terminology is no easy task. Luckily, graduating college didn’t hurt because I am now a researching machine. So, what was my first step in understand SEO? Well, I traveled way back into simply understanding hosting – because with no website, you have nothing to optimize the search of. I asked myself a few questions regarding hosting which then led me into an attempt of learning what a server is. However, when […]

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Questions and Answers to SEO – OnPage Optimization

My last SEO company changed the Title Tags and Meta Descriptions every two to six weeks. Is this right? Are you doing this? Consistency is VERY important: This is the last thing you want to do.  Google wants to see a select few foundational points before even moving on to the rest of your site. Your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions should be set as soon as you know what your page ( sometimes the site too) is pertaining to.  If you are selling a product on an inner page, that page should have the type of product, or name […]

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Link Bait vs. Jail-Bait

How to get Links to my Site

Probably one of the worst analogies I have ever come up with, but it’s what Google wants!   What happens when you see a “newsworthy” type article?  The term “newsworthy” could be associated with a “meme” or even an event that has/is about to take place.  The answer: you share it. You see, a company can talk about how great the service, product, etc. is until they are blue in the face, but that’s just not innovative. Even if it’s something new to the industry; how much can your company really talk about the advancements in plumbing, carpet cleaning, dentistry, […]

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