The Musician's Basic SEO Account Creation Checklist

Below, I’ve listed my Top ___whatever the count is IDK___ Recommended Sites for any aspiring Artist or Business Professional in the Music Category/Industry/Niche’/Space; Twitter – most powerful link in social media right now. Twitter is currently the only social media platform that Google “live indexes.” A few good Tweets from strong accounts in the Music Industry will often double, triple or even quadruple your traffic. Twitter Marketing, Branding and Management; SoundCloud – if I took Spotify, Facebook, MySpace AND ReverbNation… scrambled them all together and simplified it I’d likely get reverb nation. Their to the music industry what the Drew […]

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Dinosaurs of the Internet & Digital World

Bruce Breton | Internet Tools That Stink

We Demand Better Internet Tools The next genneration of Hungry, Up-and-Coming and Talented Internet Marketers are “chomping at the bit” for efficentcy and simplicity. Before that day comes (or as it does) I have listed a few of our most useless, dying and historic internet (marketer and user alike) tools that just ain’t cutting it! Internet Explorer – IE is like that girl (or guy) you made out with at your 9th grade homecoming dance. Everybody knows about it, you might even get made fun of occasionally for using it, but for at least the next four years until she […]

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The Lost SEO Deal Email – Learn From Everything & Everyone

I didn’t get the deal, but I have been told from another acquaintance that the report was the best they had had and provided valuable information. Email is as follows: Please review the following evaluation: 1. Backlink Snapshot – Link building required: Over the phone we discussed the “lack of back-links,” and the need to create more authority (just like networking) for your site. If the site isn’t credible, it will never show up for a search term. We also talked about referring domains and back-links: they are the same but a referring domain means the “reference” (like a resume) […]

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This WILL Affect Your Online Business's Presence – Your Future IS AT RISK

Bruce Breton can fix your Website

Here’s a tip: Navigation sells, bottom line. Meaning if I continually get lost every time I go to Disney World I’m less likely to return. It doesn’t matter how much I like Mickey. If this is news to you: better read on and catch up! Do you ever get pissed because you continue to visit what has become a place of torment and ask yourself “Why do I keep doing this to myself.” Well, news to you: Google became a verb nearly overnight because they seemingly solved (and continue to address) an age old problem. Your problem is that you […]

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Detailed History of Google's Algorithm & Updates

Delray Beach Organic Search Traffic

Whatís the Science behind the SEO mayhem? Since 2000, Google has been making changes to its algorithm constantly.† The algorithm is changed several hundred times a year, mostly comprised of small changes that donít have a significant influence on search results.† Fine tuning, if you will, to keep up with user complaints and requests and glitches in functionality.† Every now and again Google will roll out a major algorithm change that hits SEO news sites across the web and sends SEOs into a frenzy, trying to compensate for the changes to keep their clients at the top of Google searches.† […]

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