Google's Other Algorithm No One Thinks About

Pirates Beware Piracy has been a fiercely debated topic in recent history.  If you’re a music lover like me you’ll know that I’m not talking about Somalis with RPGs or Johnny Depp-looking characters pillaging a seaside hamlet.  I’m talking about the illegal downloading of copyrighted material that first hit the scene with Sean Parker and Napster.  Since Napster, file sharing has blown up.  It’s become a part of current pop culture.  The music and film industry have been the most affected by the transfer of copyrighted material and have been scrambling to find a way to stem the flow of […]

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Why Wix, and Other "Free Websites" are a Free Waste of Time!

With the desire to become successful in the online business, a lot of start-ups tend to look for cheap or free web hosting services. Who wouldn’t be attracted to the ads and reviews you can read across internet sites about how effective these web hosting packages are.? But I’ll tell you what: those “free websites” that you think can help you a lot are not as effective as your own effort is! Why Do They Call Website Builders and Hosting Free? The internet is flooded with different kinds of businesses. Don’t ever think that they have put up their business […]

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Providing SEO, Social Media, Web Developement, Logos & Branding

Bruce Breton Delray Beach | Elite Strategies

Search Engine Optimization Scope and Ability: SEO (search engine optimization) is the original format in which search engines displayed results. As it has been around the longest, consumers are most comfortable with its presence and respect its results with great trust. The time-line to achieving top results in SEO varies dependent on competition levels and the starting position of your website, but on average, results come to fruition in about two months. Local Business Listings (maps) is the newest medium available in search engine marketing, but it demands attention like no other. These listings take dominance on the page (particularly […]

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