Business Morning Motivational – Time to be Great! Thoughts

I Love Marketing and Education of the Digital World

? When you’re tired, when you wanna sleep, when you’re on your last breath.. that’s when you get started..that’s where the work begins that will give you the edge you need to push another inch.. that’s the beginning of success.. decide definitively  I WANT TO AND WILL SUCCEED

? Don’t judge a man ONLY by was he does. Judge him by what he doesn’t have to do. Judge him by what he does when no one’s looking.

? The true value of a person is based solely on what they will do to help others succeed because in doing so, you may be presented with successes beyond your wildest dreams. The best part is it will happen quite often, and rarely at your own request.

? If you don’t like the circumstances you believe you’re experiencingthe only option is to then create those circumstances you believe you deserve. Rightfully so, they will manifest before your very eyes.

? Sometimes life is just hard. You got to be stronger, and use the wisdom that you’ve acquired to navigate even the shittiest of storms. Having the right people around certainly helps.  To me it has meant the difference in living or dying, succeeding or failing, or even happiness and sadness. Life’s going to bring a little bit of everything but, knowing that you have the right people around makes it that much easier to walk into circumstance or situation with your head held high. Glad there’s people are around, they know who they are and that I appreciate them.
There are two skill sets that are required to become absolutely indispensable.

? As far as abilities and or talents go first and foremost, it has become clear to me that communication, the ability to do so within and under many circumstances. If you have the ability to communicate with another person and another and another, and then another person, all with ease; keep in mind each of these people are all very much different and are from far different walks of life then the other. This is one skill I have just come to realize that I have diligently worked on since my early teens. At this point in my life I feel as though have now gained the knowledge, ability and/or experience to become bilingual within a singular language. Not to say I don’t have far more to learn, but I think coming to the realization is almost as important as understanding what to do with it.

?The second skill set (arguably more important than the first) may be considered one of the of the practiced, educated or privileged man. Generally these people are completely unaware of their abilities. Some of who not only have the ability to conform to traditional culture,  but also has the ability to anything in such a manner that those who actively practice such traditional behavior show really be opposed. To provide a better understanding of this,  persons such as this have the ability to not only repurpose information, but do so in a way that will undeniably reach a greater (conservative) demographic or target market. With the right tools this particular person is far more dangerous than the first. He possesses not only the ability to convey the message within circles someone deem untouchable, he has the ability to provoke, inspire, and gain the respect of such parties. This gentleman, when correctly instructed possesses the tools necessary to control environments that are less than simplistic in nature.

So…What does it take to be great in life and SEO?

GREAT SEOs also have the ability to evolve at the pace of society seemingly. I’d say it’s safe to say that you are within the top ten percent of all typists on the planet. Not only do you have the ability to perform at a speed above most, you also possess the ability to presented in such a way that it is acceptable to that particular generation. The funny thing about this generation is that happens to be the present generation which holds the greatest power, maybe not in majority, but by that of committee ,  which also happens to be in a position of power , and therefore the decision , that I feel is for certain.