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Bruce Breton | Internet Tools That Stink

We Demand Better Internet Tools

The next genneration of Hungry, Up-and-Coming and Talented Internet Marketers are “chomping at the bit” for efficentcy and simplicity. Before that day comes (or as it does) I have listed a few of our most useless, dying and historic internet (marketer and user alike) tools that just ain’t cutting it!

Internet Explorer

– IE is like that girl (or guy) you made out with at your 9th grade homecoming dance. Everybody knows about it, you might even get made fun of occasionally for using it, but for at least the next four years until she (he) matures or leaves town, you’re going to have to deal with her and the uncomfortably of your connection (him).

I recently had a client that demanded that we make his website visible in all browsers including Internet Explorer 8. The content management system of the was an outdated, clanky version of Drupal. Now this is an isolated incident but, very relevant at the same time. Our intention was too efficiently complete edits to address the possible mobilegeddon errors. At the end of the day I saw very little light at the end of the tunnel, our task completed but I still refunded his money just for safety sake. Is a $500 lesson well learned. Don’t acquire business just to do so.

Needless to say, the fact that Internet Explorer exists still to this day is ridiculous. Microsoft is currently axing it as of this year. Good riddance to you sir, but don’t expect me to jump when I see Microsoft Edge (replacement) available.

Apple’s (Mac) Safari

Most, if not all Mac users (i do own an 06′ Macbook) may hate my citing Safari as bloated and average at best but, it’s true. Look up “how to simulate a poor internet connection” in Google and the “late-great” Safari Browser will indeed make an appearance (more than once). Apple has indeed progressed in it’s attempt to speed up it’s marquee browser but, sadly it just doesn’t (nor will it) EVER regin supreme among peers. With “cool add-ons” and a need to log into the Apple Store in many cases, Apple, in all their glory, have begun the anticipated decline to back of the pack.

Using a similar analogy, this one is like the ex-boyfriend that shows up at family dinners six months after your Facebook Status turned stag…..more to come