Landing Page Psychology for the Beginner


Try Before You Buy

Generally this is going to be used when attempting to capture personal information. At the absolute least, it’s something that requires not only an “action” from the user, but the end result will be (essentially) a “giving up” of something the user has to get something in return. Most online marketers are focused on the payment first; this isn’t always the correct thinking, as most users need to be “sold” a few times before really committing to anything. Offering something as simple as a “preview” and “download button,” even the option to “sample” will often soften the user, lessen risk, and ultimately lead the user to a higher overall rate to convert.

Urgency & Scarcity

One of the oldest Sales Tactics I know of, informing a buyer of things like the “limited time offer” or “growing demand” while having a “limited supply.” If you are seemingly one of few, or even the only one with something, most often those who don’t have it want it. Each and every product they offer, whether in-app or online are paired with a timer. Often showing days, weeks or months, each and every product (or service) lasts for what seems like a shorter period of time. I have seen few sites implement this but, the ones that do are often big name business with a few people pitching this idea. The few that implement price anchoring (showing and slashing of retail) with a limited “time to buy” seem to do such a fantastic job of it it’s overlooked as almost proprietary.

Social Proof & Credibility

Adding trust factors to your page can carry or bury a site’s credibility. If you know less about your product or service then the person or persons you’re “selling” to, they have little to no reason to trust you. If they don’t trust their judgement enough to believe you can do a better job, or provide them with a superior product, it’s unlikely their going to stick around long enough to engage you for more than a few seconds. Most sales take more than a few seconds to complete from beginning to end but, the decision a user makes is less than 15 of them. Thank Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others for making your life that much easier. Adding social Icons are a breeze, often just the amount of flare a page needs to look interesting, and people rarely investigate your social page until after they’ve committed to you (your site) in some capacity.

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