Motivational Monday – DYI path to a better tomorrow

Delray Beach, Florida - Bruce Breton

HOW TO: Motivate yourself, Motivate a group or Motivate someone else entirely:

Below I have listed three questions/rules I am attempting to apply and practice for self motivating groups, individuals and self. This example is to be applied in average (uncomfortable but realistic) circumstances.


Can I do it?

Do I have the time, the knowledge and the training to do what is asked of me to do…

Will it work?

Do I believe that the behavior will lead to the ultimate outcome…?

Is it worth it?

Do I believe the juice is worth the squeeze? Will the destination be worth the hassle…

If I answer yes to all three questions it’s almost certain to begin to create a sense of competency and makes doing worthwhile work. All of a sudden, you have the time to give it a try. Time manufactured, well that’s down right strong enough to inspire. In the end, it comes down to whether or not you have the time, the time is right and/or “the time is now.” Becoming one who creates, regulates and sells TIME quite often has the best chance to control, enhance and manifest the future… understand that TIME is both the best and worst method for measurement is only one piece of the succesful person’s pie. Time creates a feeling, one that positively invigorates the body, mind and soul.

Creating this feeling provides a person with the ability to not only determine the perception of each vantage point but affect the outcome of a situation/experience. Allowing the creator to drive the vehicle no matter what the outcome is. This person controls the experience in and out, because each feeling is predetermined or manipulated.

For Sales and Customer Service People:

A teacher is a trusted advisor (the possessor of knowledge). If you have the opportunity to teach (clients) in sales you will most likely earn respect. Respect will lead to trust, and trust to open minded behavior. Even looking more the part of the expert (than the prospect) puts you in position to drive (don’t always follow this rule). I attribute sales for a point of reference because it is a form of persuasion.

Motivational and Educational Metaphor:

The more simple any one (or more) thing appears the more likely someone else may attempt it. A great example of this would be something like the light bulb (failed something like 1200 tries), the air plane (you can’t fly) or an present day motor vehicle. It pretty much works in two parts leading to two outcomes. Either you become the teacher or the student, the hammer or the nail, the prey or the predator.

How I attempt to set, achieve and inspire people to have goals:

Someone recently asked me “how I get to where I want to go after I decide?” The best answer I could come up with was: When I thought about it, I really want to break it down.. I have found, to achieve success you have to make a decision in two parts (my own take).

First & Foremost:

Write down a list all of the positive and negative components, experiences, and things within and surrounding your life. There can only be two lists one positive and one negative. This isn’t the time for “gray area.” Why? Because all things such as day and night, good or evil, and positive / negative electric currents and outcomes come in shades but, variations are the reason for the lack of motivation in the first place. Let’s eliminate them for now and come back later..

Second (step/part/action):

Choose one of each on this list: can live with and wouldn’t mind living without (negative must be most simple of the list to address).

Starting positively:

If life could be described as a pie, what is the single most important piece of your life. It has to be something endearing, something true, very real, possibly the best of the list; certainly of highest value. It should be something you’d fight for.

Next, focus on one thing in specific that you would rather live without. Simple to explain but the most annoying listed. Something small, even something of a nuisance will work. For this specific exercise you have to focus on just that single unsettling thing and nothing else.

How do you change one thing?

Convince yourself to ignore all other negatives on that list for now. Continue to remind yourself that you can change this one and only thing in front of you if all others weren’t present or able to affect you/the outcome of this task. Easy becomes an identifiable thought in your mind and now new confidence is born.

Now, if you look back…. Look hard at that tiny insignificant negative, border line, kind of more than a nuisance thing…

Ask yourself, can you get rid of it now(for the moment)? Your answer is very likely to be yes. If it isn’t rinse and repeat this process and eventually, it will.

With more and more practice, the end result of this belief/faith/understanding will open your mind and show you that change is with your grasp. Confidence will build and a feeling that you may change what you may control may almost feel like a shield. Don’t shoot for the moon initially but, the greater the problem the larger the confidence boost you may receive. This is one of many things I try to practice daily, it’s just another solid reminder that most everything in your life and surrounding your life is completely outside of your control. Acceptance, Patience, Tolerance and Compassion are the key… Then….Execute!