The Musician’s Basic SEO Account Creation Checklist

Below, I’ve listed my Top ___whatever the count is IDK___ Recommended Sites for any aspiring Artist or Business Professional in the Music Category/Industry/Niche’/Space;

Twitter – most powerful link in social media right now. Twitter is currently the only social media platform that Google “live indexes.” A few good Tweets from strong accounts in the Music Industry will often double, triple or even quadruple your traffic.

Twitter Marketing, Branding and Management;

SoundCloud – if I took Spotify, Facebook, MySpace AND ReverbNation… scrambled them all together and simplified it I’d likely get reverb nation. Their to the music industry what the Drew League is to the National Basketball Association: A place where undergrounds welcome the main-streamers. Great Users.

SoundCloud Marketing & Consulting;

TwitMusic – an extension of Twitter, specifically geared towards musical acts. This is just a site I would stay familiar with. Uses Twitter login so no new account needed.

TwitMusic Marketing & Consulting; 

Spotify – there’s almost no reason this site should not be in your arsenal. It’s easy to sign-up,  widely used as a utility app to stream music, gives the artist a possible venue/channel/outlet if they so choose.

Spotify Marketing & Consulting;

YouTube – if Google owns YouTube, and you have any aspirations of your site being found via a Google Search, this one is kinda a big deal. In just over a decade, YouTube has been a Top 3 most visited site, with the longest visits internet-wide, just to name a few. I rest my case. End of story.

YouTube Branding, Marketing and Management;

Instagram – Facebook owned and operated.  This image sharing site (primarily) is by far the easiest to connect (has the most and most used gallery plugins so you can display them on your site by what we call “embedding” the image hosts code). Not only does it translate well with your website, it also allows it’s users to share simultaneously across Twitter, Tumblr, Swarm, Facebook, Flickr and more the same time you post on your Instagram feed.

Facebook and Instagram Branding, Marketing and Management;

Reverb Nation – The shortest and likely best way I can describe Reverb; it’s like if MySpace and LinkedIn had a baby. Semi-professional social media for musicians,  and any other walk of life that breathes the stuff.

Reverb Nation Marketing & Consulting;

DopeTracks – new, hip/hop based forum platform that’s everything a social network was before it was a social network. Plus, forums build solid followings. Meaning not only does it open a door to a higher converting, more loyal traffic source. It give your website a nice little boost (as long as your active within the forum community).

DopeTracks Marketing and Consulting;

MySpace – there are two reasons MySpace makes this list. One, it’s one of the oldest and most authoritative domains pertaining to music, still relevant on the web today. They have almost become the underground mainstream site. The only music based site I know of that all but dropped their first haul of loyal users, took a break, went on hyatis and then returned to claim the next generation (successfully).

Myspace Marketing and Consulting for small to medium sized business with products and/or services.

Recommended SEO Properties (sites to at least sign-up/create an account for):

(a.)SoundCloud (
(b.)ReverbNation – (
(c.)MySpace – (
(d.)MTVartists – (
(e.)Tumblr – (
(f.)Spotify – (
(g.)Flickr – (
(h.)YouTube – (

Just by creating an account, adding a profile photo, basic information and **your website link** takes no more than a few minutes per site. It should take NO MORE than an hour to complete the entire list. Doing so will not only have you well positioned to syndicate your material to the music world. It will give your site enough relevance to begin establishing itself in Google (and other’s) search results, thus increasing overall site traffic. You’d basically be a fool not to do this.

Resource Links:

~ {infographic}

   (a.)Google Plus
   (a.)Reverb Nation

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