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Here’s a tip: Navigation sells, bottom line. Meaning if I continually get lost every time I go to Disney World I’m less likely to return. It doesn’t matter how much I like Mickey.

If this is news to you: better read on and catch up!

Do you ever get pissed because you continue to visit what has become a place of torment and ask yourself “Why do I keep doing this to myself.” Well, news to you: Google became a verb nearly overnight because they seemingly solved (and continue to address) an age old problem. Your problem is that you act as if this never took place. Well, it did. While I very much appreciate the time and attention in reading what could be the most important post I write this year. Google is about to drop the hammer. It gets worse. The Mayans would’ve feared this, because it’s the equivalent of a public service announcement and should not be taken lightly.

Our industry is about to receive another major jolt. It IS happening and while updates are quite normal I have had a hard time finding someone who didn’t credit the upcoming mobile friendly algorithm in having the potential impact equivalent to that of Penguin and Panda, both changed, ruined and even took lives in it’s rise to power. It’s shocking that the only people who know about this are so busy most I know are working through the weekend and are reluctant to accept new work. This is bad news for those not in “the know.” I have been somewhat busy with this type of work since February. Fortunately (and out of expectation we continue to receive requests as frequent) we are staffed accordingly and currently capable of taking on roughly a dozen or so more accounts (mobile) over the remaining 5 days. In the event you’d like to test yourself prior to contact I have provided 5 simple instructions below.

The following will provide you information  as to whether or not you may be penalized as soon as Tuesday inevitably in the coming weeks:

1. Test the company, professional or personal website here:
2. It will produce a result: pass or fail.
3. Copy the URL (web address) that is produced after the results of the automated test display.
4. Replace the first link out of the three I have described in the template email I have provided below.
5. Manipulate the content of the email to either represent you and your brand by itself, both your brand and my own, or my brand and explain there is at this time an association between the two.
6. Call me, because the release or “roll-out date” is April 21st and it will certainly affect your site, by roughly 50-75% (some have predicted). Mainly because 60% of searches are mobile, and Google’s dedication to staying the top search engine (Yahoo & Bing are starting to take back market share) and countless publications in speculation have been syndicating this news everywhere.

Press and articles referencing Google’s coming Judgement Day may be found here:
Scheduling the repairs to any non-compliant is vital: I am available for a few hours this evening (and the next few evenings) and most of the week. Also, I will be working through the weekend because of the influx we’ve seen (I have time available as of now and that is not an exaggeration. I still have enough time available for the corrections of a few to possibly several sites before Monday and am able to complete the repair/adjustment in about a day (give or take a few hours and complexity of the site dictates that sometimes). I am available for a few hours this evening and most of the week. Also, I will be working through the weekend because of the influx we’ve seen. I still have space saved for a few clients before and the day of April 21st..

Google Mobile Friendly Test:
If you miss the deadline, within a week your site will become penalized because a lack of compliance with mobile guidelines. For current in-network clients only, (this includes you) we are providing complete mobile compliance optimization for a one time fee of $400-500 for WordPress Sites and $750 for anyone else not in need of a redesign. I am free for the next couple hours and most of tomorrow.

The best number to reach me is at our Elite Strategies Office In Delray Beach, FL (EST) at 561.526.8457 most of the day tomorrow. If you’d prefer connecting after the business day please email to set an appointment.

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