The Lost SEO Deal Email – Learn From Everything & Everyone

I didn’t get the deal, but I have been told from another acquaintance that the report was the best they had had and provided valuable information. Email is as follows:

Please review the following evaluation:

1. Backlink Snapshot

– Link building required: Over the phone we discussed the “lack of back-links,” and the need to create more authority (just like networking) for your site. If the site isn’t credible, it will never show up for a search term. We also talked about referring domains and back-links: they are the same but a referring domain means the “reference” (like a resume) is a new or unique IP address/website/etc. So even though you register a larger number of “back-links,” you really only are valued for your “referring domains.” This is a good problem to have (like no credit being better than bad credit). We need to build a larger network that refers your site as an authority figure in the industry.

2. Duplicate Pages

– Duplicate Content Must Be Removed: This attachment represents the duplicate content presented on your site. This will directly affect your rankings in Google. I understand that the content is unique to your company, but it is not unique to the internet. It is copied and pasted to your additional sites – and they are working against each other. The additional sites should represent new and fresh content that relates to your site, services, etc.

3. Duplicate Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

– On-site SEO is required: The next two images, which are duplicate title tags and Meta descriptions. This is your internet identity and description. These are two of the first things that search engines see. If this is out of line, you will be lost in the shuffle. Each main page should be re-branded with your name and a main product/service of your company. This alone may increase traffic to your site. The same goes for your images and internal hyper-links. This has a lot to do with what action a user takes if and when you do show up (known as CTR).

**CTR or “click-through-rate” is a strong enough ranking factor to alter the authority of your site (kind of like showing up for an interview in shorts and a tee shirt instead of a suit). see additional attachment**

4. Uncompressed Images

– On-page optimization necessary: Every image in your site must be titled, described, and compressed for the search engines. The more images that are uncompressed, the slower the load time and the worse the user experience on the site will be. This will instantly lower the value of your site, thus reducing the opportunity of ranking high for your niche. Google also doesn’t know how to read images, so without a title and description in the code of the image, they may never show in the images version of the search engine. The imagery is already there, it is just not being utilized correctly.

5. Compromised Website Database

– Check the attached image and/or search for yourself by typing into Google. You will find the indexed pages below your first listing are as follow:

(All are 404s or 301’d Now – I didn’t get the gig but someone made the adjustments, well… kinda)

6. H-Tags:

You don’t have any H1s and only a few H2s – These are traditionally used to create awareness about what the user (visitor) is about to read. H-tags can range from H1 (20+ font size) to H7 (very small size font). The reasons these are important to Google are in fact the same reason they would be important to the client, visitor, etc. Google will not only allow reference it as a “keyword” in the page, but identify a specific theme to the content following. You can get as creative with these as you like, but the general rule is to have a single H1, H2, and H3 if possible. Duplicates and tags that don’t accurately summarize the content are looked at as a negative. I have shown you our concerns in the image.

7. Site Needs Redesign – URL Structure

– trailing URL’s and extensions such as “.php” or “.html” are not necessary anymore and also lower the “efficiency rating” of your site. This is not huge by any means but, still a component to repair.

****This is really just the tip of the iceberg. over time I am certain I ma find more. Below I have provided some things you can do before (or while) we begin with your company.***

Here are a few things I recommend you do on your own (known traffic sources that help SEO somewhat):

  • Sign-up for Houzz ( You should be found here:–MD among other places. It will ask you a few questions and I believe there is a paid option (gramophone uses it but, so do some of my clients and results have been there from what I have been told).
  • Create a Thumbtack account ( you can get a few jobs a month out of this one, I do believe you have to pay something small as well.
    Figure out who owns and and gain complete control of them. You need the Gmail login credentials for this or they need to transfer ownership. These are going to play a heavy role in your online future.
  • Start Compiling ALL of your before and after pictures. If you have video please gather that as well. You are going to need a YouTube Channel, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn in addition to G+ reviews, images and posts if you want to stand a chance against Gramophone. We offer a Social Media Package in the second proposal attached in the next email labeled SEO & Social.
  • I need access to GoDaddy, ALL Social Media accounts and anything else online (about EHE) with a user name/password.


Our initial goal is to generate more business and traffic for your company, and we have the client list to prove our success. Please view my personal LinkedIn Account for any of my personal testimonials, and our website: .

I look forward to our next conversation.

Best Regards,