SEO Understanding, Education & Tutoring

SEO Tactics:

SEO – Beginners

  • SEO – Introduction to Getting Results (3 Design & Development – W’s)

  • SEO – Acquisition, Traffic, Direction, Conversion
  • SEO – Growth, Maintenance & Prosperity ROI, Design & Development:
  • Design & Development – Project Scope, Tools, Tips & Targeting
  • Design & Development – CTR, Layout, Communication & Landing Page Psychology
  • Design & Development – Capture, Bounce & Conversion Rate
  • Design & Development – Maintenance, Auditing & Adjustments Social Media:
  • Social 101 – What, How & Why to Use It
  • Applied SMM – Fans, Foes & Friends
  • Advanced SMM – Characters, Creativity & Consistency
  • Re-marketing, Maintenance & Growth Management. SEO Training:

Course Outline(Search Engine Optimization)

What you will need for the course:

  • A Pen and Paper (at the very least, but tablets, PC’s and more mobile devices are welcome.
  • A basic understanding of how to use and surf the web (use of Microsoft products, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Plesk, Django (and others), Photo Editor(s), FTP Client of some kind and Notepad++ are beneficial).
  • A concept, idea or existing business you wish to enhance, build or retool with intent to grow.
  • Strong desire to learn: absorbing, identifying and strategically applying professional direction for the practical use of Search Engine Optimization methodologies.
  • Basic writing skills


2. Social Media Marketing Training:


  • History and Theory: How to understand the Power and Opportunity of Social Media Marketing.
  • Basic understanding of Social Media properties and the use of each for the purpose of Digital Business Development and expansion.


3. Link & Authority Building Training:


4. Content Creation and Syndication Training:



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