How to Set, Identify and Execute Goals – Motivation Method

Bruce Breton Jr.

If you want to achieve success you have to make a decision but, in two parts:

1. Write down a list all of the positive and negative components, experiences, things within and or surrounding your life.

Hint: There can only be two lists one positive and one negative. Why you may (should) ask? Mainly because of our societal thinkng; things such as day and night, good or evil, and positive / negative electric currents and outcomes exsist but, in all shapes and sizes.

We must first understand all aspects and the level of severity of each. What, where and who they are. For this to work we must find what the personal/true feeling (our own) is toward each main and minor component of your life, far before it may be change.

1a. Choose one of each on this list: can live with and wouldn’t mind living without (negative must be most simple of the list to address).

Starting positively:

If life could be described as a pie, what is the single most important piece of your life. It has to be something endearing, something true, very real, possibly the best of the list; certainly of highest value. It should be something you’d fight for. Choose wisely.

2. Next focus on one thing (specificly) that you would rather live without. As simple as it may seem, make sure you pick the most annoying listed. Something small, even something of a nusance will work. For this specific exercise you have to focus on just that single unsettling thing and nothing else.

How do you change one of so many negative things?

Easy, convivince yourself to ignore all other negatives on that list for now. How? Continue to remind yourself that you can change this one and only thing in front of you if all others weren’t present or able to affect you/the outcome of this task. That one thing easily becomes an identifiable thought in your

Now if you look back at that tiny insignificant negative thing, that border line just a nuisance thing, ask yourself, can you get rid of it? Your answer is very likely to be yes.

The end result of this understanding change it is with your grasp and that WILL build confidence that you may change what you may control.

The greater the task the larger the confidence boost. This should also be used as a reminder that most everything in your life and surrounding your life is completely outside of your control.

To relate with sales and applied methodologies:

If you can create this for a prospective client you have the ability to create a believer in change. This creates a feeling of inspired faith. It feels good, therefore it will be sought regularly once experienced.

This can be broken down to any level or advanced to any level depending upon the person it is presented to.