Snapchat: Tool for ALL

Snapchat - The New Sales Marketing Tool

Social Media Marketing has become digital “word of mouth.”

Top in it’s class for this year (and years to come) Marketing and Digital Business Development Tools.† Snapchat is the future of every single shred of a new generation. Many will disagree. To be perfectly clear, the great majority of SEO’s, Marketers and Social Media professions will disagree. †Unfortunately,†people (whether a pro in the field or not) often fear what they don’t understand or, what they don’t think they have time to… Fortunately for myself and a select few certain that†communication is the strongest skill anyone can acquire, the masses believe it should be shared as often and clear as possible. The bubble has yet to burst… This is only the begining.

Just to be clear here, this has little to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development or even Social Media. All you analytics guys out there are going to hate it at first but I can almost promise this endgame: You’ll want to consider what I am about to tell you and you may love me by the end. Whether you’ve heard of Snapchat or not get ready to before you miss the Holy Grail of Data Mining.

Let’s consider Facebook to be the most elaborate data mining project in the history of the world. They know what we like, dislike, follow, not follow, unfollow, etc. Facebook has created without a doubt the strongest infrastructure to date. They even save what you type, adjust or delete before the message is even sent. They shouldn’t fear Twitter, Pinterest, or all of Google’s verticals combined. They should (and few believe they do) fear Snapchat. Most who bought Facebook Stock at 45 cursed it all the way to 18, 19 and 20 per share. I bought about 50 shares. If I have one regret, itís that I didnít go all in, becuase I would have a net worth in the seven or eight figures. Snapchat IS and HAS the brighter future.

Just the fact that it’s “cool” makes it worth a look. Well, it gets better. Imagine if you had the ability to not only spy on your followers but, they would videotape and send it to you. How much more could they know about you than Facebook. About as much as Mr. Zuckerberg knows about you right now, times 2. Think about it. You now have something every ad-man on the planet lives for: details.

Snapchat delivers in-depth audio, imagery and video clips often 3 minutes long of each follower to something better than your doorstep, your cellular phone or other digital device. I’d say I’ve left my home less than 10 times without my phone, tablet or both. Still not convinced? Facebook won’t know the car you bought until you take a picture, add filters and post. Same goes with Instagram and every other social media site. Snapchat goes beneath all of that and more.

Posts are generally made the day before, or often like this post with rough drafts and edits. Snapchat is real-time. Snapchat provides the viewer a glimpse into what they wear at night, tonight. It tells you what they look, act and feel like when they are in environments not found on Facebook, in different weather conditions, whether day or night. That is why Snapchat may become a key player, not only in the marketing game, but also by providing an analysis and education beyond our wildest dreams.

I want to give a straight-up shout out to Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk for his contributions to what I am (near) certain will blow at least a few usersí minds. †I’d love to know the thought of anyone in or out of the professions mention in this article and others. †Feel free to email me directly, maybe we may collaborate or even publish a guest post.

Snapchat is coming, I urge you to become acquainted!†

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